Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New Larry Sinclair Polygraph results raise even more questions.

Look at the forth page. It states, "I also evaluated the second series using the computer algorithum PolyScore (v. 6.0). It evaluated the chart as No Deception Indicated, and calculated the probability of deception as being less that .01 on a scale of .00 to 1.00.This was inconsistent with my numerical analysis."






Was this Whitehouse.com, which used to be a porn site trying to set Mr. Sinclair up? They made him sign a contract stating he wouldn't take another polygraph for four weeks. I think in four weeks Senator Obama will be the Democratic nominnee for President.

Larry added this on his site;

This is to explain my position on the Barland QC report.

Barland was smart enough to point out the data that was and was not provided to him for review. He was smart enough to point out the uncommon methods used and the lack of control over the situation by Mr. Gelb.

Yes, Barland still concurs with Gelb, which I had no doubt he would under the circumstances, but he was smart enough to protect himself by pointing out concerns.

I also want people to look at the actions of Whitehouse.com over the last 24 hours alone, something is truly not right here.

You do not just up and shut down your operation and revamp it in the manner that Parisi has done. What is there to hide.

Was it not Parisi who said "Put up or Shut up?"

Why would you stop payment on a check that you pay for services and you received those services and then you claim you are entitled to because you think a breach of contract may occur at some future time. Mr. Parisi breached our agreement as early as Friday afternoon 2-22-08. I have not submitted to another polygraph, I stated I wanted to do another one in full disclosure which was what Parisi said he was doing and then did not.

Thank you,

Larry Sinclair

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