Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Interview with Larry Sinclair

This is an interview Larry did with a website called Bighead DC yesterday

Big Head DC: Do you think that Dan Parisi or anyone else who works for WhiteHouse.com is or has been employed by David Axelrod and/or other members of Sen. Obama’s campaign for president?

Larry Sinclair: I believe Dan Parisi and Robert Braddock were acting as agents of David Axelrod and the Obama camp in making the offer for me to take the polygraph. I believe this to be true as I received a tip via phone at 12:43 a.m. instructing me to find help in obtaining financial records from the Obama camp and Axelrod because an account and communications were accessed in which WH.com and Parisi were having a dispute with Axelrod over the payment of the remaining part of $750,000 to get a polygraph stating I was lying posted fast enough.

BHDC: What do you make of the “deception” finding from WhiteHouse.com’s polygraph conducted by Ed Gelb?

LS: I honestly believe that these results and the claims by Gelb are false, I believe he knowingly accepted money to provide WH.com with the desired results. This is based on the request upon arrival by Gelb’s office for payment of an additional amount that I personally heard a receptionist tell Parisi that Gelb said there was an extra charge and Parisi acknowledged he was advised. I believe this based on all the whispering done while I was present and the amount of time the three spent in closed door discussions before, during and after the exam.

BHDC: There have been several claims that Gelb is not a real PhD — did he present himself as one to you? Did he seem professional?

LS: Gelb did in fact represent himself to me as having a PhD that I found out after returning home was in fact not the case. He did appear somewhat professional with a constant shaking, however he did not control anything about the process and in fact was taking his direction from Robert Braddock of WH.com and Dan Parisi.

BHDC: How did Parisi act toward you throughout the polygraph process?

LS: Parisi did not even look me in the face from the time I met him that Friday morning through the entire visit. He continued to look down toward the floor every time I spoke to him or he was in my presence. He did not at any time produce any ID for me to verify he was who he claimed to be. Not even when he wrote out the checks and I asked for ID, he laughed and said, “I am me.” Mr. Parisi and his assistant Robert Braddock were rude and attitude changed considerably after the exam was done. They met behind closed doors for another hour or so with Gelb.

BHDC: What do you make of all of the false information that is being passed around on the Internet about you?

LS: I find it appalling that most of it is being paid for by Axelrod and the Obama camp by use of paid bloggers who are being fed information that Axelrod and Obama know to be false, know not to be me — but know that these kids will sit up and post it as fact and they (Axelrod and Obama) will not have to answer for it. But I say they will.

BHDC: Would you have come forward with your claims had you known what has happened would happen?

LS: I had put out everything about my past from the start, so I did not worry about what they tried to say about me. I will get vindication against all the knowingly false claims made when this is over because slander and libel is easy to prove when they keep repeating it after being told to retract it.

BHDC: Do you stand by your claims about Barack Obama 100 percent, given the polygraph results?

LS: 1,000 percent, and I have stated from day one, polygraph or not, I will not recant or back down because I am stating truthful claims.

BHDC: Some people will say Big Head DC is biased for even interviewing you. What should we say to those people?

LS: What is biased about trying to get to the truth? The bias is on those media outlets who see the false claims made against a U.S. citizen by a candidate for the president of the U.S., and they still do not report anything. The media knows these attacks against me and the claims made in these attacks are false but they ignore it.

BHDC: What do you make of Obama’s increasing popularity?

LS: Does the phrase “snake oil sales man” give you a hint?

BHDC: Do you think Obama has been well enough vetted on the national political stage?

LS: Obama is not even close to being vetted; everyone says I am a kook, well I am not a kook, and I expect that I am not going to be standing here alone much longer. I expect we will see others come forward before this is over.

BHDC: Have you recently spoken to the limo driver you say was with you and Obama in 1999? What does he think about what you’ve been put through? Has it discouraged him from coming forward?

LS: I placed a call to him Saturday that was not returned. I had spoken with him last week, and he thinks I am crazy for going through this over a lying fraud like Barack Obama and David Axelrod. I truly believe he will come forward, and he knows I am not going to back down.

BHDC: Who is your lawyer in the lawsuit against Obama?

LS: The suit will be dismissed, it will be re-filed. It is being dismissed for failing to state a claim in which entitles me to relief, not because as claimed by others I am not credible. I am attaching a copy for your verification of this statement. WH.com leaked that I was in talks with Gloria Allred to discourage her, which they accomplished.

BHDC: Have you heard from anyone in the Obama campaign since you came forward with your claims?

LS: I have not. I received an e-mail via YouTube asking me to confirm or deny claims made by some Ron Allen of the Obama camp, which I stated were false. I will attach. I will forward copy to you.

BHDC: When did you first realize that Obama was a U.S. Senator?

LS: I became aware he was a politician during watching the 2004 DNC speech while residing in Mexico.

BHDC: How is your health? Are you afraid that this publicity is harmful to your health?

LS: I have some very serious heath problems, which I deal with according to decisions that I made. I do not use my health as an excuse for anything. I live alone, I care for myself, I do not reside in any assisted living complex, nor do I receive an assistant in my daily life.

BHDC: What are you going to do next regarding this whole situation?

LS: I will continue to put my story out there. I am getting some assistance in amending the lawsuit for refiling, and please note, it has not yet been dismissed, nor has the recommendation to dismiss been received or written as claimed by the judge identified on the Web. I am not going away, I am not recanting anything, and I am fighting on, especially with the tip I received this date. I will do a polygraph arranged by me, video tape it non-edited and with the findings released before stopping the camera and will post it before Tuesday if all goes well.

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