Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sizing up Hillary, Obama and the rest of the Democrats running for President

After watching the debate the other night I was thinking where do these candidates stand? Are they really running for President or are some just trying to make a name for themsleves so they could be considered for the Vice President slot on the ticket. I'll give my analysis on each candidate below;

1. Hillary Clinton-She's pretty much all or nothing. I believe she is too proud to take the VP spot if asked, it would seem like a demotion.

2. Barak Obama-He is a contender for the Nomination but could also be a top contender for VP. I like what James Carville said about him. He has spice but he needs some seasoning. He is rather young and new to the national stage. If he doesn't win it all he should accept the Vice Presidential nomination if offered because the Democrats should win this election and in 8 years this would set him up as the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination (2016).

3. John Edwards-He's all or nothing. He has about a 30% chance of winning the nomination but as a VP pick it's not going to happen. He accepted the spot on Kerry's ticket and he won't do that again, nor will he be asked.

4. Joe Biden-This is the guy I like, he has no realistic shot at winning but he would be as safe as a pick for VP as anyone running. He knows foreign policy like the back of his hand and has been to Iraq and Darfur countless times. He has a 50/50 shot at being VP as long as he doesn't come after Hillary and Obama too hard during the debates.

5. Bill Richardson-I don't like this guy. He just seems full of himself and really phony. He will however bring in the Hispanic vote which could be seen attractive as a VP selection. He has no shot at being President but I'd say he has a 25% chance at becoming the Vice President nominee for the aprty.

6. Dennis Kucinich-I think he has done very well in the debates but I believe he's just too liberal to be elected. He would almost be a liability as a VP pick because he is so liberal. I think he has no shot at winning and a very small chance at being the VP pick.

7.Chris Dodd-He just gets lost in the shuffle. He is however the only Democrat running to serve in the Armed Forces. He has been attacking Obama and Clinton a lot so I don't think he has a shot at being VP or President either.

8. Mike Gravel- I like this guy but he has no shot to do anything. He's there to keep things interesting during the debates. I think he and Ron Paul are the only guys running who actually do the right things if elected.

9. Al Gore-I really would like to see him jump in there becasue I believe he could win the wole thing. With the movie, concert, and a possible Nobel Prize in October I think he could be the guy to win it in a blowout. But he doesn't want to run, yet...

Other possible VP candidates,
Wesley Clark, John Kerry, Jim Webb, Phil Bredesen, Evan Bayh
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