Sunday, January 6, 2008

4 thoughts from New Hampshire debate

After watching the debates last night I came away with 4 thoughts;

1. Will Rudy Guiliani bring back the military draft?
He said last night that he wants to add 250,000 troops if he is elected. The army is having so much trouble recruiting they are offering up to $40,000 in signing bonuses to new recruits. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that recruiting is going to be harder while we are fighting two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Who wants to sign up when they know they are going to be sent off to God knows where for God knows how long. Now with our stop loss policy our leaders can extend a soldiers contract without their consent. So where is Rudy going to get a quarter of a million troops his first year in office?

Did Rudy serve in the military? No, he received a deferment and never went to Vietnam.

2. Mitt Romney was exposed and owned by John McCain.
According to John McCain Romney is the candidate of "change". That was a great zinger considering he has flip-flopped and changed his position so many times. Romney comes across as the GOP's version of John Kerry. He's a super rich and will say anything to get elected. McCain has been pretty consistent with his positions whether I agree with them or not. I thought to myself that Mitt should have just layed down in the floor and let the other 5 candidates kick him in the ribs. I belive the American people are starting to see through him.

3. Hillary Clinton is done.
She seemed desperate and aggrivated. It seems she thought that she would run through the primaries on her last name and she would easily defeat the Republican candidate. Now it looks like the media has jumped on the Obama bandwagon and Hillary will be lucky to be competitive on Super Tuesday.

4. Obama/Paul 2008 would be an unbeatable ticket.
Congressman Paul has said that he will not endorse the GOP candidate as long as they are for the war in Iraq. Last night he said that he had a lot of respect for Senator Obama and his position on the war. The question is would Paul join the ticket if Obama asked him to be his running mate? Would Obama even ask? Those two candidates are the ones who represent the most change. Both are very popular with young voters and I just don't see any combination on the GOP side that could defeat them. How fired up would young voters be for Obama/Paul compared to McCain/Thompson or Huckabee/Guiliani. Obama isn't going to pick Hillary, Edwards, or Richardson. Paul would be a great fit. It is unlikely but if I was Obama I would consider it.
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