Thursday, November 1, 2007

Would Rudy Guiliani support Ron Paul?

We've heard it asked several times. Would Ron Paul support the GOP nominee if he doesn't win. Of course he won't he is a man of principle and if someone is running on a platform of more war and more spending why should he support that candidate.

Due to Dr. Paul's success in fund raising the mainstream media has to now cover him to a certain extent. How do they cover him? They try to make him look small and as a traitor to his party. The question of whether or not he would support another candidate is in itself unfair. During the debates the only candidates to be asked that were "lower tier candidates" Paul and Brownback. Why wasn't Fred Tomps"um" or Rudy Guiliani asked? Well it would make them seem inferior that's why. The mainstream media has already selected our GOP nominee for us. Just look at how much time each candidate gets in the debates and on the news. It's basically a Guiliani, Romney, and Thomps"um" show everytime they get on stage. If they can make him seem like a traitor to his party it's just an added bonus.

Why isn't Rudy Guiliani asked if he would he support Ron Paul if he won? I wonder what he would say? He might begrudgingly tow the company line and support him. Chances are he wouldn't though. I bet he would bring up 9-11 and talk about how safe he made New York.

If anyone out there sees him ask him for me okay?
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