Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Gift ideas for Fred Thompson supporters

For the neocon who has everything and hates gay marriage. Do you know someone who has a man-crush on Fred Thompson and is tired of watching him fall all over himself without cue cards? Now you can enjoy Fred Thompson in all his macho-conservative glory, now 100% "Uh" and "Um" free! It's the Fred Thompson Christmas DVD set. Relive some of Fred's greatest acting roles where he got paid a lot of money to pretend like he was a person with a lot of power and responsibility.

Each movie can be purchased for under ten bucks at That's 2 bucks less than Tom Tancredo's 4th qtr fundraing totals!

Fred's big breakout role as "Big John" the rough, tough NASCAR chief.

Another role in a big blockbuster, Rear Admiral Joshua Painter

Somehow overlooked in an Oscar-worthy performance big Fred stole the show as FBI agent Dale Grissom.

And who could forget his commanding performance as "Trudeau" the guy in charge of the airport as it is attacked by terrorists.

Last minute stocking stuffers,

He may not be our next President but he can put a smile on the face of any God-fearing, Nascar fan. Make sure you bring Fred home for the holidays.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

What Ron Paul should do to make himself the frontrunner

Ron Paul has shot to the top 4, 5, or 6 spot in the GOP primaries depending on which poll you read. I have a few ideas on how he can push himself up to the top.

1. Osama bin Laden-I really think Dr. Paul has it right when it comes to the war in Iraq, but there is one thing that he nor any other Presidential candidates have really discussed. If I was Ron Paul I would hold a press conference tomorrow and announce that after we pull out of Iraq we are going to send our soldiers into Afghanistan and Pakistan and go get Osama bin Laden. This has been one of President Bush's biggest failures. No other candidate has vowed to do this so step up and make it known that you will be the man responisble for catching him "Dead or Alive". When he is criticzed for withdrawing troops from Iraq all he has to say is "Hey, I'm going to get the guy responsible for 9-11."

2. Celebrity endorsements-They don't really mean anything but once you get a few you and your campaign tend to get a little media coverage which is something Dr. Paul is lacking. I heard somewhere John Mayer was backing Paul. After the press conference, listed above, get on a plane and fly to wherever John Mayer is and get him to endorse you. Once you get someone like that more will follow which will help with...

3. MTV-Choose or Lose was huge for Bill Clinton and Dr. Paul's message should do really well with young people especially college students and first time voters. If you could get John Mayer or any other hot music act to perform some shows for you at some colleges-Wow! MTV is also doing something with Myspace about interviewing the candidates. I know McCain and Edwards have already done this but we need to get ourselves on that show ASAP.

4. Running Mate-Michael Bloomberg would be a perfect fit. He has lots of money and wants to take that next step. He wouldn't win if he ran as an Independent but if he joined the ticket he would position himself to be a frontrunner in 4 or 8 years. Bloomberg is a "Independent" who is all over the board on the issues. He was for the war but now has been quoted as saying that it's a different story since Iraq didn't have Weapons of Mass Destruction. He is liberal on some social issues but I think his money and name make a great running mate if he were inclined to run with Dr. Paul. Also, Chuck Hagel from Nebraskawould make a great selection.

5. Be more agressive-The Youtube debates were horrible if you were a Ron Paul supporter. Make a commerical and show how much time you got compared to the other candidates. All you have to say is that the mainstream media doesn't want you to hear my message and then talk about where you stand on the issues. CNN asked Paul what crime a woman who gets an abortion should be charged with then asks Huckabee, Romney, and Rudy if they believe in the Bible. C'mon! Point this stuff out. The next time you are asked if you would support the GOP nominee if you don't win tell them to ask Mitt and Rudy if they would support you if you won the nomination. Turn the tables on them.

I'd love to see Dr. Paul use these and if youo know him or anyone around him pass this along. Go Ron Go!
Larry Sinclair comes clean about his crimial record. Read about it in the latest update.


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