Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Gift ideas for Fred Thompson supporters

For the neocon who has everything and hates gay marriage. Do you know someone who has a man-crush on Fred Thompson and is tired of watching him fall all over himself without cue cards? Now you can enjoy Fred Thompson in all his macho-conservative glory, now 100% "Uh" and "Um" free! It's the Fred Thompson Christmas DVD set. Relive some of Fred's greatest acting roles where he got paid a lot of money to pretend like he was a person with a lot of power and responsibility.

Each movie can be purchased for under ten bucks at That's 2 bucks less than Tom Tancredo's 4th qtr fundraing totals!

Fred's big breakout role as "Big John" the rough, tough NASCAR chief.

Another role in a big blockbuster, Rear Admiral Joshua Painter

Somehow overlooked in an Oscar-worthy performance big Fred stole the show as FBI agent Dale Grissom.

And who could forget his commanding performance as "Trudeau" the guy in charge of the airport as it is attacked by terrorists.

Last minute stocking stuffers,

He may not be our next President but he can put a smile on the face of any God-fearing, Nascar fan. Make sure you bring Fred home for the holidays.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

What Ron Paul should do to make himself the frontrunner

Ron Paul has shot to the top 4, 5, or 6 spot in the GOP primaries depending on which poll you read. I have a few ideas on how he can push himself up to the top.

1. Osama bin Laden-I really think Dr. Paul has it right when it comes to the war in Iraq, but there is one thing that he nor any other Presidential candidates have really discussed. If I was Ron Paul I would hold a press conference tomorrow and announce that after we pull out of Iraq we are going to send our soldiers into Afghanistan and Pakistan and go get Osama bin Laden. This has been one of President Bush's biggest failures. No other candidate has vowed to do this so step up and make it known that you will be the man responisble for catching him "Dead or Alive". When he is criticzed for withdrawing troops from Iraq all he has to say is "Hey, I'm going to get the guy responsible for 9-11."

2. Celebrity endorsements-They don't really mean anything but once you get a few you and your campaign tend to get a little media coverage which is something Dr. Paul is lacking. I heard somewhere John Mayer was backing Paul. After the press conference, listed above, get on a plane and fly to wherever John Mayer is and get him to endorse you. Once you get someone like that more will follow which will help with...

3. MTV-Choose or Lose was huge for Bill Clinton and Dr. Paul's message should do really well with young people especially college students and first time voters. If you could get John Mayer or any other hot music act to perform some shows for you at some colleges-Wow! MTV is also doing something with Myspace about interviewing the candidates. I know McCain and Edwards have already done this but we need to get ourselves on that show ASAP.

4. Running Mate-Michael Bloomberg would be a perfect fit. He has lots of money and wants to take that next step. He wouldn't win if he ran as an Independent but if he joined the ticket he would position himself to be a frontrunner in 4 or 8 years. Bloomberg is a "Independent" who is all over the board on the issues. He was for the war but now has been quoted as saying that it's a different story since Iraq didn't have Weapons of Mass Destruction. He is liberal on some social issues but I think his money and name make a great running mate if he were inclined to run with Dr. Paul. Also, Chuck Hagel from Nebraskawould make a great selection.

5. Be more agressive-The Youtube debates were horrible if you were a Ron Paul supporter. Make a commerical and show how much time you got compared to the other candidates. All you have to say is that the mainstream media doesn't want you to hear my message and then talk about where you stand on the issues. CNN asked Paul what crime a woman who gets an abortion should be charged with then asks Huckabee, Romney, and Rudy if they believe in the Bible. C'mon! Point this stuff out. The next time you are asked if you would support the GOP nominee if you don't win tell them to ask Mitt and Rudy if they would support you if you won the nomination. Turn the tables on them.

I'd love to see Dr. Paul use these and if youo know him or anyone around him pass this along. Go Ron Go!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Would Rudy Guiliani support Ron Paul?

We've heard it asked several times. Would Ron Paul support the GOP nominee if he doesn't win. Of course he won't he is a man of principle and if someone is running on a platform of more war and more spending why should he support that candidate.

Due to Dr. Paul's success in fund raising the mainstream media has to now cover him to a certain extent. How do they cover him? They try to make him look small and as a traitor to his party. The question of whether or not he would support another candidate is in itself unfair. During the debates the only candidates to be asked that were "lower tier candidates" Paul and Brownback. Why wasn't Fred Tomps"um" or Rudy Guiliani asked? Well it would make them seem inferior that's why. The mainstream media has already selected our GOP nominee for us. Just look at how much time each candidate gets in the debates and on the news. It's basically a Guiliani, Romney, and Thomps"um" show everytime they get on stage. If they can make him seem like a traitor to his party it's just an added bonus.

Why isn't Rudy Guiliani asked if he would he support Ron Paul if he won? I wonder what he would say? He might begrudgingly tow the company line and support him. Chances are he wouldn't though. I bet he would bring up 9-11 and talk about how safe he made New York.

If anyone out there sees him ask him for me okay?

Monday, October 22, 2007

Fred Thompson and um, the um, Florida GOP debate

Wow, I gotta say I was blown away by Fred Thomps"um" last night. Two months ago Good Ol' Fred was the savior of the Republican party. After two debates he is now fallen behind Mitt Romney, Rudy Guiliani, and depending on which poll you look at Mike Huckabee or John McCain. For a guy who has made his living over the years as an actor you would think that he would be polished and know all the things he wanted to say when it was his turn to speak.

Well, last night I decided to count how many times Senator Thompson said the words "uh" or "um". He was given 8 times to speak last night and the "um" count came to, drumroll please...78! That is a whopping 9.75 "ums" a question. Now I have to admit I have never seen an episode of Law and Order. I did see Die Hard 2 a few months ago and from what I recall he never once said "uh" or um". How is it that a guy who is a member of the screen actors guild can get up in front of an audience and stumble all over himself? Mitt Romney has never been in a movie or a TV show and even he got up there with all his talking points and sounded like the smooth used car salesman that we've all grown accustomed to.

Fred's lost his luster. A few weeks ago after giving a speech he asked the silent audience “Can I have a round of applause?”

So what is going on with Fred? What else is holding him back?
  • His wife is old enough to be his daughter. That's a little creppy but we'll give him a pass on that one.
  • Prior to his trophy wife he married and divorced the girl he knocked up in high school.
  • Even though they had never met Fred served on the advisory board of the legal defense fund for Scooter Libby, the guy who went to jail for not ratting out the Vice President.
  • He said he doesn't go to church unless he's visiting his mother.
  • He worked as a lobbyist for an abortion rights group (Fred's pro-life).
  • He was a lobbyist for a company that paid him $750,000 to get reduced payouts for asbestos-related claims due to criminal negligence.
  • Oh yeah, he's old.

Fred Thompson reminds me of that Quarter Pounder with Cheese combo meal you see on the commericials. Its looks really big and juicy. You can harldy wait to sink your teeth into it. Then you order it and it's a lot smaller than you had hoped, really greasy and the fries are stale. Good Ol' Fred looked really good when you saw him on Law and Order. Now that he is a candidate for President it's time to vote for someone else.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

How Ron Paul wins the GOP nomination

A few months ago I had no idea who Congressman Ron Paul was. That all changed after the first Republican debate back in early May.

I had originally tuned in that night because I am a political junkie and I find politics and government very fascinating. I figured it would turn out with me wanting to throw something at my television because all 10 guys on the stage would say how we were going to win in Iraq and how they would try to scare me into voting for them. But something else happened. Something really big happened. For the first time in my life I was truly inspired by a Politician. I was shocked to hear a guy tell the truth and say what he truly believed instead of whatever he had to say to get elected. That night was introduced to Ron Paul.

Congressman Ron Paul is an obstetrician and served as a captain in the Air Force during the 1960's. He is against Abortion and for smaller governement. He is also one of the only Republicans to vote against the Iraq war in 2002. He has had a consistent voting record for over 16 years. You can see it here;

As you may already know the mainstream media doesn't cover Ron Paul very much. When they do it's usually negative. When he was interviewed by George Stephanophlous of ABC News he was told that he had no shot of winning. The secret is that the big corporations that own CNN, CBS, NBC, etc. don't want him to win. These same corporations are scared to death that Ron Paul would get elected and return the power back to the people instead of them. Would you like to see who the leaders of the corporations are donating money too?

Rudy Guiliani,

Mitt Romney,

Did you see a pattern there? Did you see the millions of dollars coming from the financial/real estate sector? Several millions. Now look at Ron Paul's

Congressman Paul also has some from the finance/real estate sector but did you notice it's in the thousands not millions like Romney and Guiliani. Also most of Paul's donations come from the category "other". That means regualr folks like you and I. Who do you want as President? Someone who owes favors to rich guys in charge of Multi-Billion dollar corporations? Not me.

Now on to my original point. Ron Paul CAN win the Republican nomination. What does Tom Tancredo, Sam Brownback, Fred Thompson, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckebee, Rudy Guiliani, Duncan Hunter, John McCain, and Alan Keyes all have in common? They are all pro-war. What was the biggest issue in the 2006 election? The war in Iraq. The GOP lost the majority in the Senate and Congress because of the war. Who is the only Republican who against the Iraq war? That's right, Ron Paul.

The people who vote in the primary are Republican and are there to elect a Republican to run against the Democrat nominee. The problem for the GOP candidates is that there are too many candidates running. This is where Ron Paul has an advantage. Let's say that at the first primary in New Hampshire (a liberal and anti-war state) that Ron Paul does a good job getting the youth and anti-war voters to the polls and winds up with 15% of the vote. In 2000 238,606 people voted in the New Hampshire primary. If Congressman Paul wins 15% that's 35,790 votes that cannot go to the other candidates. We will now say that the bottom tier candidates ;Brownback, Keyes, Hunter, and Tancredo receive 15% of the total vote. That's 35,790 other votes not going to the front runners. That leaves 167,026 votes in play to be split among five other candidates. 167,026 divided by 5 comes out to 33,405. Which is less votes than they number that Ron Paul would have.

I'm not naive to believe that the 5 front-tier candidates would split that number of votes evenly. But even if the front runner received 25% of those votes it would make Ron Paul the runner-up and force the media to cover him as a first-tier candidate. On any stage Congressman Paul wil make any other nominee look foolish. All he needs is an avenue to get his message out which this scenario would provide. Also, you will see other canidates bow out. This may or may not benefit Paul. But you also have to believe that more than 238,606 people will be voting in this primary which will probably benefit Paul the most. We've already seen he is good at organizing and being the only Anti-War candidate he has a good chance at turning out the vote.

It's a long-shot but not as long as it used to be. This scenario is not that far fetched. Watch next week to see how much money in donations Paul has raked in during the 3rd quarter. This campaign may be on the verge of something huge.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mitt Romney and the Iowa $traw Poll

Isn't democracy great? The GOP has an event like the Iowa straw poll where if you want to vote for your favorite candidate you have to pay 35 bucks. Isn't it ironic that the man who has the most money won the event? Mitt Romney grabbed 31% of the vote and said that he was what the people of the heartland were looking for in a candidate. He didn't win anything. He paid for people to come vote for him. And now he will be on Fox and CNN 24/7 and other candidates will not get a platform to share their ideas for the country.

Mike Huckabee did very well considering he doensn't have the deep pockets that Govenor Romney does. He will not win but he probably put himself in the running for the VP slot on the ticket.

Brownback and Tancredo didn't accomplish anything by finishing 3 and 4. They are an afterthought and will be lucky if they are considered for the VP spot on the ticket.

It's really sad that Ron Paul gets little to no media coverage. He raked in over 9% of the vote and he didn't even advertise or set foot in the state until the week before the Straw Poll. If he was treated with respect by the mainstream media he would be treated as a contender. In his speech yesterday he said that we are fixing bridges in Iraq while the ones over here are crumbling. He's on to something. I really wish that he had a shot.

Tommy Thompson and Duncan Hunter are through. They'll be pulling out soon freeing up more debate time for Guiliani and Romney.

Fred Thompson, McCain and Guiliani did not even compete so they didn't win or lose anything. McCain should have tried to compete. His campaign needs a shot of momentum but I think he knew that Romney had already bought and paid for the end result. I hope Guiliani doesn't win the nomination. If 9-11 never happened he would be a partner in a law firm somehere but now he's telling us that he was at ground zero just as much as the rescue workers. He's worthless and will continue to exploit 9-11 as far as he can take it. Fred Thompson was in Die Hard 2. Who cares?

It's just plain wrong that the guy who has all the money can buy a victory at the straw poll and all the press that comes with it. Our country deserves a leader with the best ideas not the deepest pockets.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sizing up Hillary, Obama and the rest of the Democrats running for President

After watching the debate the other night I was thinking where do these candidates stand? Are they really running for President or are some just trying to make a name for themsleves so they could be considered for the Vice President slot on the ticket. I'll give my analysis on each candidate below;

1. Hillary Clinton-She's pretty much all or nothing. I believe she is too proud to take the VP spot if asked, it would seem like a demotion.

2. Barak Obama-He is a contender for the Nomination but could also be a top contender for VP. I like what James Carville said about him. He has spice but he needs some seasoning. He is rather young and new to the national stage. If he doesn't win it all he should accept the Vice Presidential nomination if offered because the Democrats should win this election and in 8 years this would set him up as the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination (2016).

3. John Edwards-He's all or nothing. He has about a 30% chance of winning the nomination but as a VP pick it's not going to happen. He accepted the spot on Kerry's ticket and he won't do that again, nor will he be asked.

4. Joe Biden-This is the guy I like, he has no realistic shot at winning but he would be as safe as a pick for VP as anyone running. He knows foreign policy like the back of his hand and has been to Iraq and Darfur countless times. He has a 50/50 shot at being VP as long as he doesn't come after Hillary and Obama too hard during the debates.

5. Bill Richardson-I don't like this guy. He just seems full of himself and really phony. He will however bring in the Hispanic vote which could be seen attractive as a VP selection. He has no shot at being President but I'd say he has a 25% chance at becoming the Vice President nominee for the aprty.

6. Dennis Kucinich-I think he has done very well in the debates but I believe he's just too liberal to be elected. He would almost be a liability as a VP pick because he is so liberal. I think he has no shot at winning and a very small chance at being the VP pick.

7.Chris Dodd-He just gets lost in the shuffle. He is however the only Democrat running to serve in the Armed Forces. He has been attacking Obama and Clinton a lot so I don't think he has a shot at being VP or President either.

8. Mike Gravel- I like this guy but he has no shot to do anything. He's there to keep things interesting during the debates. I think he and Ron Paul are the only guys running who actually do the right things if elected.

9. Al Gore-I really would like to see him jump in there becasue I believe he could win the wole thing. With the movie, concert, and a possible Nobel Prize in October I think he could be the guy to win it in a blowout. But he doesn't want to run, yet...

Other possible VP candidates,
Wesley Clark, John Kerry, Jim Webb, Phil Bredesen, Evan Bayh

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Romney, Guiliani draft-dodging GOP frontrunners

I have a newfound respect for John McCain. I did a little research and that man is a great American. Check out what this man has been through. Make sure you read about his military career and how Bush beat him for the 2000 GOP nomination. He also stood up to the "Swift Boat Veterans" who tried to smear John Kerry. He didn't however stand up to me when I said Kerry was a shitty candidate in 2004.

According to Mitt Romney his sons are "showing support for our nation" to help their dad get elected President. Wow, that really makes them great Americans. Too bad their dad and Rudy Guiliani both received defrements so they didn't have to go to Vietnam.

But what about the candidates that served our country? John McCain graduated from the Naval Academy and later served in Vietnam. He was also captured and held as a POW for many years. Duncan Hunter also served in the army during Vietnam. Long-shot Ron Paul was a captain in the Air Force and later volunteered for the National Guard.

How in the hell are the two guys who skipped out on serving our country are now the frontrunners for their parties nomination for President?

Thoughts on YouTube Democratic Debate

Well I watched the debate on CNN last night and it was rather entertaining. You can go to this link to see how much talk time each candidate got.

I thought it was a big infomercial for Barack Obama since he receive almost 15 and a half minutes of talk time. I thought it was kinda funny they waited to have his 30 second video to be shown last right before the debate ended so he was the last one you would remember. He also was in the center of the stage. I don't know if that was all coincidence or not but it sure seemed like Obama was the chosen one last night.

I felt really bad for Mike Gravel. He only got 4 minutes worth of talk time during the 2 hour debate. And the one question he got was one that tried to make him look bad. Someone asked him if he wanted to retract the statement he made about all the soldiers in Vietnam that died died in vain. He responded that America has most favored trade nation with Vietnam and you can got to Hanoi and get a Baskin Robbins ice cream cone and Iraq was going to be the same way. And he's right. We went to Iraq to get their oil. I mean we went to Iraq so big corporations who fund our polititcians can get their oil. He also had another question that he tried to respond to and ask Obama about where he's getting his money but Anderson Cooper, the moderator cut him off. He really had a good point about the money that funds the candidates. It's going to be more of the same like he said until we take the power back from the corporations that fund these guys. Gravel isn't taken seriously by CNN and therefore no one else takes him seriously
Hillary Clinton, she did ok. She was par for the course. Nothing really impressed me about her. She and Obama are the front runners so CNN projected her as such with 12 and a half minutes of talk time.

John Edwards, I know he's a snake but he's a likeable snake. CNN tried to throw him under the bus with the basing policy around faith question but he answered it very well. His religious views are against gay marriage but he said he wouldn't force his religion on anyone or allow it to shape policy. He got 10 and a half minutes of talk time. 3rd most amount of talk time for the guy in 3rd place. Seems about right.

Chris Dodd, who cares. No shot.

Joe Biden, If I had to pick one person on stage right now to be President it would be him. He did very well especially when talking about foreign policy. He's been to Darfur. He's also been to Iraq more than any other law maker. He also had a good point about gun control. If you have a mental illness or if you have a criminal record then you don't get a gun. Sounds about right. He also sounds the most presidential and I'd like to see him get more coverage but Clinton and Obama seem to have a stranglehold on all the media. He'd make a very solid VP pick for whoever get's the parties nomination.

Bill Richardson, I don't like him. He just seems full of himself. He also has no shot. He might get a look for VP since he would help bring out the Latino vote. But I hope not.
Dennis Kucinich, I thought he did very well. He was very articulate and made a very good point about putting heat on our Congressmen to end the war in Iraq. Even though he did a very good job communicating his position he's too far to the left and he really has no shot. The whole reperations thing is silly but might help bring out the black vote. Cha-ching!

All in all it was entertaining. It wsa very slanted to make Obama look good and Edwards and Gravel to look bad. I am looking forward to the debate in September and I hope Ron Paul gets to kick ass and take names like he has in the other debates.

The sad thing about this debate is that no one really cares and watches them unless they are really into politics and usually someone like that already has their mind made up as to who they are voting for so what's the point? CNN will say Obama and Clinton won because they are the frontrunners so when Joe Sixpack turns on the news they will hear that Obama and Clinton won so they will vote for one of them.

But don't take my word for it, research and figure out who you like best. Like Mike Gravel said last night. "Wake up People, follow the money." Also, pass this on. People need to be informed. And write me back I enjoy the feedback good or bad.

Larry Sinclair comes clean about his crimial record. Read about it in the latest update.


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