Thursday, August 9, 2007

Thoughts on YouTube Democratic Debate

Well I watched the debate on CNN last night and it was rather entertaining. You can go to this link to see how much talk time each candidate got.

I thought it was a big infomercial for Barack Obama since he receive almost 15 and a half minutes of talk time. I thought it was kinda funny they waited to have his 30 second video to be shown last right before the debate ended so he was the last one you would remember. He also was in the center of the stage. I don't know if that was all coincidence or not but it sure seemed like Obama was the chosen one last night.

I felt really bad for Mike Gravel. He only got 4 minutes worth of talk time during the 2 hour debate. And the one question he got was one that tried to make him look bad. Someone asked him if he wanted to retract the statement he made about all the soldiers in Vietnam that died died in vain. He responded that America has most favored trade nation with Vietnam and you can got to Hanoi and get a Baskin Robbins ice cream cone and Iraq was going to be the same way. And he's right. We went to Iraq to get their oil. I mean we went to Iraq so big corporations who fund our polititcians can get their oil. He also had another question that he tried to respond to and ask Obama about where he's getting his money but Anderson Cooper, the moderator cut him off. He really had a good point about the money that funds the candidates. It's going to be more of the same like he said until we take the power back from the corporations that fund these guys. Gravel isn't taken seriously by CNN and therefore no one else takes him seriously
Hillary Clinton, she did ok. She was par for the course. Nothing really impressed me about her. She and Obama are the front runners so CNN projected her as such with 12 and a half minutes of talk time.

John Edwards, I know he's a snake but he's a likeable snake. CNN tried to throw him under the bus with the basing policy around faith question but he answered it very well. His religious views are against gay marriage but he said he wouldn't force his religion on anyone or allow it to shape policy. He got 10 and a half minutes of talk time. 3rd most amount of talk time for the guy in 3rd place. Seems about right.

Chris Dodd, who cares. No shot.

Joe Biden, If I had to pick one person on stage right now to be President it would be him. He did very well especially when talking about foreign policy. He's been to Darfur. He's also been to Iraq more than any other law maker. He also had a good point about gun control. If you have a mental illness or if you have a criminal record then you don't get a gun. Sounds about right. He also sounds the most presidential and I'd like to see him get more coverage but Clinton and Obama seem to have a stranglehold on all the media. He'd make a very solid VP pick for whoever get's the parties nomination.

Bill Richardson, I don't like him. He just seems full of himself. He also has no shot. He might get a look for VP since he would help bring out the Latino vote. But I hope not.
Dennis Kucinich, I thought he did very well. He was very articulate and made a very good point about putting heat on our Congressmen to end the war in Iraq. Even though he did a very good job communicating his position he's too far to the left and he really has no shot. The whole reperations thing is silly but might help bring out the black vote. Cha-ching!

All in all it was entertaining. It wsa very slanted to make Obama look good and Edwards and Gravel to look bad. I am looking forward to the debate in September and I hope Ron Paul gets to kick ass and take names like he has in the other debates.

The sad thing about this debate is that no one really cares and watches them unless they are really into politics and usually someone like that already has their mind made up as to who they are voting for so what's the point? CNN will say Obama and Clinton won because they are the frontrunners so when Joe Sixpack turns on the news they will hear that Obama and Clinton won so they will vote for one of them.

But don't take my word for it, research and figure out who you like best. Like Mike Gravel said last night. "Wake up People, follow the money." Also, pass this on. People need to be informed. And write me back I enjoy the feedback good or bad.

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Anonymous said...

Dude, you gotta do a little more research before stating your conclusions on these candidates and the debates. While I'm no fan of CNN, they determine how much time each candidate will get based on the polling at the time. The reason Gravel got only 4 minutes is b/c his polling is LESS than 1 percent.

It's irresponsible for you to say that Obama is somehow pulling strings to get more air time due to corporate donations. He is the ONLY top tier Democratic candidate to refuse ALL donations from lobbyists and PAC's (Political Action Committees). He's truly trying to reform the way government is run, and he's getting a lot of pushback from the establishment in the Democratic Party. For example, that nonsense about experience - you know how much experience Abraham Lincoln had before becoming President? TWO YEARS in the House of Representatives. JFK had 6 years in the Senate. They turned out to be pretty good Presidents right? The experience question is just a distraction to get you away from listening to what Obama advocates -which is REAL CHANGE.

You exactly right about Biden. He's very well versed on issues of foreign policy. He had a good chance of becoming President sometime in his career until a scandal erupted with him in '88 over plagiarized speeches. He'll be Sec. of State in the next Democratic administration.

It sounds like you're just reacting to Richardson's poor performance at the debates. Take a look at Richardson's track record over the past 15 years - very successful politician. Could be VP b/c he could win New Mexico in a general election.

Kucinich is crazy. He wants to cut off funds for the war right away. While I want the war to end too, what do you think will happen when the 1st Marine dies when they are pulling out of Iraq? The GOP attack dogs will have a field day with the Dems, and they will win that argument in the court of public opinion. The war will end when there are 67 Democratic senators who can override a Presidential veto. or a Democratic President in the White House. Dennis knows that, but continues to damage the Democratic Party by making people think the Dems are not doing anything to stop the war.

While I agree that Ron Paul is a admirable conservative candidate, you have to look at what he's advocating - He wants to get rid of the Dept. of Education (no more public schools), Medicare (no more health care for seniors). These ideas are impractical - the congress can't get anything done as it is - how would they deal with the things he's proposing?

Larry Sinclair comes clean about his crimial record. Read about it in the latest update.


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