Thursday, February 28, 2008 stops payment to Larry Sinclair

I just received the follwing email. It seems that may be showing the Sinclair polygraph video for a fee.

Mr. Dan Parisi, President

RE: Rumored plan by you to air Polygraph Video

Mr. Parisi,

Will you confirm or deny the rumored plans by you and to air the polygraph video that you obtained through fraud, on your web site this Friday, 2-29-08 for a fee to registered members of

I would appreciate your confirming or denying this and should you fail to deny it I will then take that as the rumor being truthful and a continuation of your fraud.


Larry Sinclair

I obtained this through an email from Mr. Sinclair;

Mr. Dan Parisi, President
295 Greenwich Street, Ste 184
New York, New York 10007-1049

RE: Returned Check

Dear Mr. Parisi,

Be advised that Lisa Brooks and Myself were notified by US Bank of Duluth this afternoon that Walden Federal (the bank in which Check Number 2046 is drawn on) has notified them a STOP PAYMENT was placed on your fee payment of $20,000.00 dated 2-21-08.

I have contacted the Financial Crimes Division of the Duluth Police Department this date concerning this matter. US Bank as informed Ms. Brooks and myself that the check has not yet been physically returned to them unpaid, but that if it is it will be returned to me by March 7, 2008.

I am asking that US Bank provide documentation showing Walden Federal has notified them the check is no good and I will begin the criminal complaint process against you and immediately upon receipt of the US Bank documentation.

Ms. Brooks and I will be charged for your dis-honored check and those charges will be included in the criminal complaint against you.

I have given you more than ample opportunity to honor your word and the agreement we had, especially seeing how you have received and engaged in using the very results of the services you paid for. You have chosen to act as if you are above the law and that sir will no doubt be you down fall.

Again, you can avoid this criminal action against you and your company by contacting your financial institution and instructing them to honor the check.


Lawrence Sinclair has removed all images of Mr. Sinclair from there site as of today.
Larry Sinclair comes clean about his crimial record. Read about it in the latest update.


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