Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mitt Romney and the Iowa $traw Poll

Isn't democracy great? The GOP has an event like the Iowa straw poll where if you want to vote for your favorite candidate you have to pay 35 bucks. Isn't it ironic that the man who has the most money won the event? Mitt Romney grabbed 31% of the vote and said that he was what the people of the heartland were looking for in a candidate. He didn't win anything. He paid for people to come vote for him. And now he will be on Fox and CNN 24/7 and other candidates will not get a platform to share their ideas for the country.

Mike Huckabee did very well considering he doensn't have the deep pockets that Govenor Romney does. He will not win but he probably put himself in the running for the VP slot on the ticket.

Brownback and Tancredo didn't accomplish anything by finishing 3 and 4. They are an afterthought and will be lucky if they are considered for the VP spot on the ticket.

It's really sad that Ron Paul gets little to no media coverage. He raked in over 9% of the vote and he didn't even advertise or set foot in the state until the week before the Straw Poll. If he was treated with respect by the mainstream media he would be treated as a contender. In his speech yesterday he said that we are fixing bridges in Iraq while the ones over here are crumbling. He's on to something. I really wish that he had a shot.

Tommy Thompson and Duncan Hunter are through. They'll be pulling out soon freeing up more debate time for Guiliani and Romney.

Fred Thompson, McCain and Guiliani did not even compete so they didn't win or lose anything. McCain should have tried to compete. His campaign needs a shot of momentum but I think he knew that Romney had already bought and paid for the end result. I hope Guiliani doesn't win the nomination. If 9-11 never happened he would be a partner in a law firm somehere but now he's telling us that he was at ground zero just as much as the rescue workers. He's worthless and will continue to exploit 9-11 as far as he can take it. Fred Thompson was in Die Hard 2. Who cares?

It's just plain wrong that the guy who has all the money can buy a victory at the straw poll and all the press that comes with it. Our country deserves a leader with the best ideas not the deepest pockets.
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