Thursday, March 20, 2008

Larry Sinclair accuses the Obama camp of committing murder

I just received the following email from Mr. Sinclair. In it he talks about not disclosing the limo driver's identity that would really benefit his claims. Towards the end of the letter he says that he believes that Obama's campaign was involved in a murder. Check it out below.

Who is the driver and alleged friend of Senator Barack Obama that drove for Five Star Limo service in Chicago 1999? Well I know, Senator Obama may actually remember, and my Attorney has been informed.

Yet, the bigger question here is why has the Obama supporters, web sites and bloggers steadily insisted on the drivers identity be disclosed on the Internet? If is not like any of the behavior, comments, and posts since my youtube video have exactly been open to objective, unbiased reporting or investigation now has it? I mean now some of these same Obama faithful who have threatened, call names, posted out right false statements, and even as recently as last night, in a comment to this blog no less, has claimed they will post pictures of me with them they say were taken the day I was with Barack Obama. Now if a person wants to claim in a comment they send me telling me how I hurt his wife’s feelings, that he has a photo of him and I taken they day I was in fact with Obama, my question is, what is your wife’s name, Dana McGreavey? I even told this person, who goes by the name “Mitch the Bitch”, which I think says it all, to post his claimed photo. He dared me to post his comment, which I did, but as I told him, he does not have the balls to try to post any such claimed photo. Just as he seems to think he can tell people about my life in Texas.

Again, I ask, why is it required to disclose the drivers name on the web? I believe it is so that the Obama supporters can continue to do what was recently reported on the cables news networks, which is to use the internet to stalk, harass, and intimidate anyone that they Google with that name or anything close to it. Last night it was reported that people have filed complaints against Obama bloggers and supporters for intentionally digging for non-Obama voters personal information, (names, addresses, phone numbers, employers) for the purpose of posting all over the web to encourage others to harass and attack. That is what has been done to me from day one.

So, to answer the question of why I will not disclose the driver this way, you Obama bloggers already answered it for me. Now that I have been pushed to address this in the Courts, I will continue to move forward in that process and the identity of the driver will be disclosed within the process of the Courts. No claims by nameless individuals claiming there is no such person, or claims as came from Mitch the Bitch, or anyone else will change the manner in which this information comes out.
I personally do believe that Senator Obama’s campaign was indeed involved in one murder, and I am not going to be the second in an attempt to avoid being held accountable for HIS action. I know this statement will receive a number of comments claiming I am crazy, but what I think is crazy is how many of you say things and defend Obama when you have no personal knowledge of anything yourself.

So, does Obama camp want driver disclosed on the web for the purpose of shutting him up before he speaks? Does Obama camp want driver disclosed on the web to shut both of us up before he speaks. Barack Obama wants to be President of the United States so much he will say his own grandmother is a racist, in order to defend his actions. So no, I do not believe Obama or his advisers Axelrod or Plouffe o anyone else close to him are above anything to keep this or any other information about him from coming out that can keep him out of the White House.
Larry Sinclair comes clean about his crimial record. Read about it in the latest update.


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