Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Electile Dysfunction

Is anyone really happy with the candidates that are running for President? It's almost like we have to pick between a D- or an F. Congress has anywhere between a 20-30% approval rating but yet we have to pick someone from there to lead our coutry.

Mitt Romney is a guy who has changed all his positions from the time he was running for Govenor in a liberal state to now as he's pandering to the conservative right. Abortion? He was for pro-choice now he's pro-life. He's a big rich phony trying to buy his way into the White House. Change to him is anything short of a hundered dollar bill in his pocket.

John McCain is a guy who was a POW in Vietnam. He served his country honorably and after he was freed he chose to go into politics. He started out as a "Maverick". He did things his way but yet over the years he has conformed to Washington's ways. He was thrown under the bus by Bush and Rove back in 2000 when they used some slimy campaigning tactics insinuating that McCain fathered a child in Vietnam to a Vientamese woman. They then distributed that lie all around South Carolina and killed any chace he had at winning the GOP nomination. Then over the years he became one of the President's lackeys. He was during the build up the war in Iraq and now he's talking about getting elected and having more wars. Who wants to hear that during an election? He even sang a song on the campaign trail last year changing the words to the Beach Boys classic "Barbara Ann" to Bomb Iran. He's also been in trouble for initially proposing amnesty for illegal immigrants. Now he's seen the light and is against it.

Mike Huckabee is using his bass guitar and sermons to court the Christian base but it's apparent he's playing for 2nd place. He'll be on ticket as the VP.

Ron Paul has never flip-flopped on an issue or taken money from special interests groups. Too bad those same groups control 90% of the media in our country and he has been black-balled. He legitemately has very little shot at winning the nomination.

Hillary Clinton thinks that being the First Lady for 8 years is on the job training. She thinks she's ready to be President. Too bad most people see her as having a sense of entitlement and as a phony. Crying? There's crying in politics. She led the fight for Universal Health Care as the First Lady but once she got the Senate she started taking money from their lobbyists. She was also voted for the war in Iraq then changed her mind but yet voted to consider the Iranian Army a terrorist organization which basically gave the President a way to start a war with Iran.

Barack Obama is going to be our next President. C'mon Oprah Winfrey and MTV loves this guy. That's the same crowd that got Bill Clinton elected. He's pandered to the Hispanic population about giving illegals drivers license. I have a feeling that will come up in the general election. He's got a lot of hype and I have some concerns because he has only been in the Senate since January 2005. Maybe that's a good thing. We don't need someone who has been part of the establishment.

It's just too bad that there aren't any good 3rd or 4th parties. I think Americans deserve more (and better) choices. It's possible you'll see Ralph Nader, Michael Bloomber, and Ron Paul go for an Independent Bid but it won't matter because they won't be included in any of the debates and the networks whose parent corporations won't give them any money or exposure.

I honestly don't want to vote for anyone running. I guess I, like alot of Americans have electile disfunction.
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