Saturday, March 8, 2008

Larry Sinclair has a brain tumor

There has been speculation about Mr. Sinclair's heath. Some had said he was mentally, some had said he was dying. Mr. Sinclair is now confirming he has a brain tumor and is in a great amount of pain.

Mr. Sinclair just published this on his site;

It had been my intent and desire to not bring my health into this story because it has no bearing on the FACTS. However, several Youtube claims along with Globe Magazines claims that I am mentally ill and that my health is playing a part in this story have made it necessary for me to set the record straight.

Yes, I have been diagnosed with a Brain Tumor. NO, I am not on my death bed. In fact I never stated to the Globe or anyone else that I had less than a year to live. The funny thing about all these claims of my impending demise is that no one can make such a claim, not even me. The reason being is simple, when I was diagnosed I made the decision not to treat and to allow nature to take its course. I believe we all are going to die, and when it is our time there is nothing any of us or any Dr. can do. So my decision was mine and I have not allowed any Dr. to tell me what they believe is my expiration date.

I suffer from severe nerve damage in the hands, arms, legs and spine. My right leg is numb all the time and there are times when I cannot move either of my legs. In addition to this my C-T-L spine has severe disc herniation. I have Fibromyalgia, asthma, severe allergies, heart problems, bleeding ulcers and I eat maybe once every two or three days.

I maintain body weight by drinking an average of 36 Pepsi’s per day.

The repeated claims of mental illness are nothing more than attempts by the Obama camp and his supporters to take the focus off of the issue of his drug use and dismiss them as coming from a nut case. I have repeated asked anyone posting such claims of mental illness and/or stays in mental institutions to gives names of said institutions and dates of my stays which they have not and cannot do. Why you ask? Because the claims are outright false.

Let us all remember that it was and is Barack Obama who says he wants a new kind of politics, a politics of openness and accountability. Only it appears he wants a politics of accountability as long as he is not the one being held accountable.

I submit to all of you that the attacks against me based on my past are attempts by the Obama camp to take the focus off the issue as I AM THE ONE WHO DISCLOSED THE FACTS OF MY PAST, and I find it more of the Obama double standard. Why? Because everyone is saying what Obama did in 1999 is not important today, maybe he changed his ways. Yet my past dates back to the 1980’s but I am portrayed as what I did in my 20’s.

Obama and his supporters cannot have it both ways. Lets be honest and imply face the truth and admit your encounters with me in 1999 and move on. But as one Youtube email stated bluntly, “if you think Obama, a candidate for President of the U.S. is ever going to admit to this you truly are crazy.”

So even the Obama supporters have made it clear that the truth is not important, the only hing that is important is to continue to spread false statements about me so the public thinks this is nothing more than a smear so Obama can avoid having to face the truth.

For all of our best interests I hope that there are citizens out there that refuse to allow this to be swept under the rug.
Larry Sinclair comes clean about his crimial record. Read about it in the latest update.


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