Thursday, August 9, 2007

Romney, Guiliani draft-dodging GOP frontrunners

I have a newfound respect for John McCain. I did a little research and that man is a great American. Check out what this man has been through. Make sure you read about his military career and how Bush beat him for the 2000 GOP nomination. He also stood up to the "Swift Boat Veterans" who tried to smear John Kerry. He didn't however stand up to me when I said Kerry was a shitty candidate in 2004.

According to Mitt Romney his sons are "showing support for our nation" to help their dad get elected President. Wow, that really makes them great Americans. Too bad their dad and Rudy Guiliani both received defrements so they didn't have to go to Vietnam.

But what about the candidates that served our country? John McCain graduated from the Naval Academy and later served in Vietnam. He was also captured and held as a POW for many years. Duncan Hunter also served in the army during Vietnam. Long-shot Ron Paul was a captain in the Air Force and later volunteered for the National Guard.

How in the hell are the two guys who skipped out on serving our country are now the frontrunners for their parties nomination for President?

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