Tuesday, February 26, 2008

WhiteHouse.com will not release video footage or final report of Mr. Sinclair's polygraph

According to WhiteHouse.com

"After the events of yesterday and this morning we will no longer be posting the video of the Polygraph testing or the secondary Polygrapher Expert’s results. To be accused of taking a bribe to suppress this story along with all of the hate mail and messages sent by Larry Sinclair supporters who believe we did something to taint the results has been very disturbing.

No matter what we put up it will never be good enough for his supporters. Mr. Sinclair was also given every opportunity to let us talk to the limousine driver to corroborate his story and he failed to do so. This will be the last post on this matter as this matter needs to be put to bed. We will be going back to regular reporting."

What are they hiding? They said they would disclose everything and they clearly haven't. We learned they are canceling the checks issued to Mr. Sinclair and earlier today I reported about how they used to be a porn site.


The latest WH emails on Expert Reports and intent to commit check fraud

Lawrence Sinclair (lws)

Sent: Tue 2/26/08 3:01 PM
To: Dan Parisi (dparisi@house.com)
Cc: Rob Capriccioso (rob@bigheaddc.com)

I believe your refusal to post it will only allow others to believe you are in bed with Axelrod, you have already posted the photos, the drug test and Gelbs report so you not posting this one isn't going to stop you from legally owing me the funds you are now refusing to pay or from criminal charges for check fraud.


Larry Sinclair

Subject: RE: No Polygraph
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2008 15:55:17 -0500
From: DParisi@house.com
To: lws

We will not post the report. You will have it in about 30 minutes. Thanks

Dan Parisi


Whitehouse.com Inc.

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