Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Larry Sinclair talks about polygraph tests



I am posting this to explain what I was saying last night concerning the reports of Ed Gelb. After reviewing his report (for the first time actually) I noticed that Mr. Gelb stated

"The Polygrams were "blind scored" by another expert examiner who independently corroborrated the findings of the primary examiner"

This if true would make Mr. Gelb and Mr. Parisi liars when they stated to me that the results would be reveiewed by no one other than Gelb and Gordon. And if that in fact is the case, then Gelbs claim shows the results were set up from the beginning because Gordon Barland had not even received the exam charts, video, etc...until Saturday or Monday at the latest in his Office in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Furthermore, Mr. Gelb signed his report on 2-22-08 according to the documents and his office, yet Parisi as late as this past Monday stated they had the results but the results had not been typed. Another lie on the part of Parisi. Especially since Barlands report states he had received PDF files and reports in the materials to review prepared by Gelb.

While I understand there are so many of you that will not look at any of this because you have made it clear that you would support Obama even if he was a child molester and/or murderer. Both of which so many of you have tried to call me, but everything put out about me continues to be false. has pulled back because they (Parisi and Braddock) know that the information provided to me regarding the $750,000 payment by Axelrod/Obama is true. The know that the communications between Parisi and Axelrod on Sunday that were accessed did take place and they spent all day Monday trying to figure out how I obtain the information. Parisi is trying to do to me what Axelrod did to him. He is trying to stop payment on the check issued for the photos and video taping of the Polygraph, because Axelrod has not paid the other $375,000 due under their $750,000 deal.

The only difference is I provided to Parisi exactly what he contracted for, and if his check is returned unpaid, Mr. Parisi will face arrest for Felony Check Fraud and Theft charges.

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