Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Info from Larry Sinclair about that night with Obama in Chicago

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Everyone wanting to make this go away says there is no evidence. Obama supporters have continue to claim I was in a mental institution, even posted one post (but took it down just as quick) that I was in Federal Prison (until the realized the middle name and birth dates were wrong), among many, many other outright false statements about me.

My Hotel reservation was made through Choice Hotels International central reservations originally for November 3, 1999 thru November 6, 1999. Confirmation number 78096854.

My stay was extended from November 6, 1999 through November 9, 1999 directly through the hotel which generated Confirmation number 86467. While I extended originally through Nov 9, 1999, I actually left on Nov 8, 1999.

The limo and bar charges are on Visa card issued by Associates National Bank of Wilmington, Delaware (which was bought out by CitiBank in 2000) monthly statement closing date of November 15, 1999. Card number 4621-2001-3393-5533. Which Citi Group has been contacted and is researching for those statements. Because I unlike most of you internet warriors insist on putting out only factual information.

So any of you who think you now that I do not have any receipts, witnesses etc….. THINK AGAIN


Larry Sinclair


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