Monday, February 25, 2008

Statement from Larry Sinclair concerning alleged failed polygraph


I am making this statement regarding the claims recently made against me and attributted to the WASHINGTON POST.


The claims that I have an “extensive record of drug convictions” is in fact completely false and according to both the national new desk and city desk at the Washington Post has never been reported by anyone employed at this newspaper.


The claims made that I “have been investigated eight times over the past 25 years for trying to secure money through “black male” and two of those involving politicians in IL and IN” also is in fact false and according to the Washington Post has never been reported by anyone employed at this newspaper.


Dan Parisi of Whitehouse dot com has decided to ignore the conditions and agreement we entered into regarding the polygraph examination. Mr. Parisis has failed to provide the identity and contact information on the second Expert and in doing so has never obtained any agreement from me for using this individual.

Mr. Parisi failed to provide information that I recently received from emails from people I do not even know, which shows Dr. Edward Ira Gelb has in fact misrepresented his own credentials before a case filed in front of the US Supreme Court. (attached below)

fyi Gelb has
publicly claimed to hold a Ph.D. degree in psychology since at least
1996. I***997, he represented himself as a Ph.D. to the highest court
in the land -- the United States Supreme Court -- as a co-signer of
the Committee of Concerned Social Scientists' amicus brief in U.S. v.
Scheffer, where he is listed as "Ed Gelb, Ph.D." No, the "LaSalle
University" that awarded Gelb his "doctorate" turns out to be a
defunct, unaccredited diploma mill in Mandeville, Louisiana that was
owned and operated by one Thomas James Kirk, A.K.A. Thomas McPherson.
I***996, LaSalle was raided by the FBI, and i***997 Kirk pled guilty
to federal fraud charges. (For more on the bogus LaSalle
University, Mr. Edward I. Gelb is no Ph.D., and he should stop
masquerading as such.

In addition Mr. Parisi and his assistant refused to inform or allow me to be present during their meetings with Dr. Gelb in his office before, during and after the exams. Mr. Parisi and his assistant spent approximately two hours behind closed doors with Dr. Gelb before I was even introduced to him. During the examination process Dr. Gelb printed something off his computer and left the room telling me he would be back in five, only to return some 30 to 45 minutes later with Parisi’s assistant and an associate of Dr. Gelbs and then asked me to step out side for another 20 minutes before calling me back in to proceed with the exam.


Tonight (2-24-08) after Mr. Parisi refused to respond to my emails I posted on Whitehouse dot com the fact that Parisi this afternoon claimed he had not sent me copy of the results because he had not received them. Shortly after making that statement this afternoon Parisi’s assistant called saying they would fax the results in 15 minute, needless to say that never happened. Later Parisi claimed he had only then received a handwritten report faxed this date to him from Dr. Gelb and that he would wait to fax me the typed report.

If Mr. Parisi fails to comply with our agreement by Monday 2-25-08 I will post all email communications with him concerning this matter and which clearly state the conditions for this arrangement. These emails will clearly show Mr. Parisi did not follow our agreement and I will consider at that time what course of action should be taken. It is only natural that I would become suspicious of Mr. Parisi after finding out he has misrepresented this expert, he has claimed I was examined by two (2) experts of which I agreed and yet I only met one and still have not been given the contact information to this date on the second.

It needs to be made perfectly clear that I have from the very beginning demand all of this be done openly and with credible, unbiased, and apolitical individuals. These facts about Dr. Gelb make it hard for me to believe that Mr. Parisi can claim this person is unbiased and credible when he has misrepresented himself before the highest court in this Country.

Mr. Parisi’s claims that I approved both experts is untrue because I was never given this person whole name or any contact information on him/her. I was simply told Gordo something in Salt Lake City.

Thank you,

Larry Sinclair

In the email I received from Mr. Sinclair he says the following;

"I have receive a tip informing me that some communications between David Axelrod and Whitehouse dot com was obtained and was some wrangling over the fact that WH has not posted everything that Obama's camp wanted posted as fast as they wanted and about half of the $750,000 paid to WH to set me up has yet to be paid because of this delay. Mr. Parisi is not happy at all.

This may also explain why Parisi went out of his way to keep his face down and not looking up at me the entire time.

Well, I guess now we will just have to follow the money trial."


Anonymous said...

I was suspicious of the polygraph as soon as I read that Larry Sinclair was made to agree not to have a re-test done within the next four months. Why would there be such a stipulation? And surely, Larry unwittingly agreed because he knew there would be no reason for a retest, as he is telling a true story. Clearly, created the stipulation because they were going to fix the results whether Larry passed or not, and wanted the "fail" results to stand for a while. Hmmmm....I wonder what happens in the USA over the next four-month time period. Oh, yeah! The Democratic Nod!

Anonymous said...

I believe you Larry. Continue the fight until the truth is revealed.

Anonymous said...

Something smells like a set-up indeed. Be strong Larry.

Larry Sinclair comes clean about his crimial record. Read about it in the latest update.


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