Monday, February 25, 2008

Larry Sinclair's initial email to Obama's campaign

Sent: Mon 2/04/08 11:43 PM

This message is for David Axelrod. My name is Larry Sinclair. Attempts to leave messages for you with the Obama headquarters have not gone well.

I have been informed that you personally have stated the claims in my youtube video are untrue. I also understand that you personally in your capacity with the Obama camp has stated the Obama camp is conducting an investigation into me and my associates.

I have contacted legal counsel and have asked that civile litigation be filed forthwith against you and the Obama camp for conducting investigations in an attempt to prevent my truthful allegations against your candidate from becoming public and a national scale. I am also asking counsel to take action to determine if you and or the Obama camp have violated any federal or state laws in the funding of your invesstigation and/or attempts to keep the truth out of the election process.

Understand all you have to do is ask me about me, because I have been 100% open and honest about my life and every aspect of it.

I am sick of threats being sent by Obama staff and supporters, I am sick of Obama bloggers using edited versions of my video to slam other candidates who have nothing to do with me or my video.

I have notified the DNC that I intend to take action against them as well for ignoring complaint filed by me with them regarding your statements about the purpose for the posting of my video.

Understand you do not know me, and I assure you I will stand my ground on this, and I will defend myself against the false claims being made against me by you, Obama's camp, paid or unpaid staffers, and Mr. Obama personally if I find him to have knowledge of your actions.

I suggest you address this matter because I assure you it will not be going away anytime soon.

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