Monday, April 14, 2008

Larry Sinclair discusses the warrant for his arrest in Florida

As I am sure everyone is aware of the 1987 warrant out of Pasco County Florida that was disclosed by Mitch, which in a way I appreciate because I had no knowledge of it whatsoever.

I have spent the last hour on the phone with the Pasco County Sheriffs office Warrants Division 800-854-2862 x 6082, and the State Attorney’s Office in Dade City, Florida on this matter.

The Case number and warrant number is 87258CFAES. The warrant was issued on 1-30-87 and according to the State Attorney’s office is based on a check written to The Clerk of The Circuit Court in Dade City, Florida for $925.00.

I have offered to turn myself in to local authorities but have been told that I would have to turn myself in where the warrant was issued because they would not extradite. I have been told that this whole thing can be cleared up by one of three ways:

1. I can go to Dade City Florida, pay the $925.00 in person and take the receipt to the State Attorney’s office and the case dropped.

2. I can go to Pasco County Florida turn myself in and address it through the court process, or,

3. I can mail a Cashiers check or money order for $925.00 payable to Jed Pittman, Clerk of the Circuit Court, 38053 Live Oak Ave., Rm: 205, Dade City, Fl 33523 (WITH THE CASE NUMBER 87258CFAES written on the payment)with a copy of the payment mailed to the State Attorney’s office at the same address only instead of Rm 205 it would be Rm: 204, and the issue will be dismissed.

I am letting all of you know right now that I have informed the State Attorney’s Office I will try to get $925.00 to them as I do not have that kind of money but that it is the only way to clear this as I cannot afford to travel to Florida to handle this through a court case either.

I have informed the State Attorney that I did not have any business with the Pasco County Clerks office but it will cost a great deal more for me to travel to Pasco County, Dade City, FL to deal with this in court, or go to pay it in person.

Now for all those who say I have been running from this, next time get your facts correct please, before you start accusing me of things that are not true. This thing is 22 years old and it has not come up in any checks by Law Enforcement in the last 12 years alone.

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