Friday, March 28, 2008

More on the Obama campaign murder accusations

I just received an email from Mr. Soinclair with this information. It may now be on his blog.

I was not living in Minnesota when I first contacted the Obama campaign about Obama’s meetings with me in 1999 for the purpose of taking cocaine and sex.
Between September 2007 and November, 2007 I left a total of four (4) different cell phone numbers with the office of the Obama campaign. This was necessary because I had to adjust the telephone number to correspond with each new location where I lived in that period. I have explained in my blog how I slowly made my way north to Minnesota before settling there.
I have never said that I met Donald Young in any face to face meeting. But I did have contact with him several times. Each time Mr. Young instigated the contact.
Nobody else, other than the Obama campaign, had a record of my constantly adjusted numbers. And I did not go public with my allegations until after Mr. Young was murdered.
So just how did Mr. Young know who I was? How did he know my cell phone number? (Please note that I have never said the exact number of times Mr. Young and I had contact. Nor have I stated the content of our exchanges. That and other information about the matter is reserved for the appropriate channels.I am providing this factual information to counteract the deliberate misinformation that a small army of internet warriors are spreading on the net in an attempt to distract attention from Obama’s past).

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