Friday, March 7, 2008

The latest from Larry Sinclair

Mr. Sinclair now has his own blog that he updates from time to time;

This is his latest post.

I have been reading lately on how I am supposed to be fading into the sunset. I have been somewhat busy the past week sifting through the mountain of comments, web posts, emails, and the recorded threats from my voice mail that I truly have not had time to post any update.
The purpose for having to sort through this stuff is simple, my Attorney and I are preparing complaints that WILL be filed in the US Courts in Washington, DC. These suits, unlike my previous one, will clearly state the claims against Senator Obama, his staff and his camp, supported by the necessary evidence to go forward. In addition we (counsel and I) have been extremely busy in documenting the numerous Internet posts which were completely false and were posted for the sole purpose of trying to slander and libel me, and to keep the attention off of the real issue, Barack Obama’s drug use.
I find it interesting how easy it has been now to trace these things back to the owners of the sites and the emails they originated from. It has also taught me that while people can think they are protected by free speech when putting out such malicious lies, it is nice to know they ARE NOT and they can be held liable.
People, Barack Obama may have done what a great many of us done in life, he may have changed, he may not use cocaine today, BUT because he is running for the highest office in this Country, HE MUST ANSWER TO WHY HE WAS USING IN 1999 AND LYING ABOUT IT. HE MUST CONVIENCE THE VOTERS THAT HE IS NOT STILL USING AND TO SIMPLY SAY, Oh I don’t need to respond to that CANNOT BE ALLOWED IF HE WANTS YOUR VOTE.

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