Saturday, February 23, 2008

Larry Sinclair claims he passed the polygraph test

Accoring to a comment he made on his Youtube page Mr. Sinclair has passed the polygraph test. He was attacked by some people who left disrespectful comments and Mr. Sinclair lashed out and told some of the details of the polygraph test.



He posted some comments on the page and names the Limo Driver as is P. Multani from the 5 Star Limo Service as the driver of the limo that he used with Senator Obama.


He is also donating some of the money from to charity.



Anonymous said...

I know people who say that Obama had a boyfriend in the dorms at Columbia (and I think it could be easily verified if someone wanted to find out). Because of this secondhand knowledge I am more inclined to believe Sinclair.

Remember too, Obama is the one who talks about his own drug use. Interestingly, when his friends from high school have been asked about the drug use for newspaper articles, all the interviews I've read say that they never knew he did cocaine and think he is overstating his own drug use. Makes me wonder if he was actually doing the cocaine later in his life then he says, and only doing it with certain people in his life?

Anonymous said...

dont give up larry, america needs to know the truth about obama,i would also ask other men or any other people invoved with obama to come forward and tell your story,i think he needs to quit the race,we americans want and need to know who were putting in the white house,and i dont think it should be him with every thing i have read.

Anonymous said...

Larry, where exactly did this Polygraph test take place? Who administered this test?

Anonymous said...

Larry, get another polygraph done this week. I believe you about Obama. The polygraph should have not taken that long at all. They should ask some base questions to see where the needle will fall for a blatant falsehood and the truth. It is possible to beat a polygraph but it takes training and skills that are learned over the years. The only way that main stream media will do it is if you pass another polygraph. Go to a pest control place and get a polygraph or ask the police as they would love to get their egos on tv too.

Larry from NC said...

Larry, please get this redone by a reputable polygraph tester where the questions are not stacked against you for an adverse reaction. We need this cleared up BEFORE Obama gets the nomination, otherwise, the Republicans will get your story out, but we will be stuck with four more years of Reagonomics and Bush preemptive wars.

P Multani said...

My friends

this is P multani

come check out my convo with larry

Wondering said...

Intelius lists only two P. Multani's both with the first name Paramjit. Could the limo driver be the same person mentioned in this law suit?

His background is interesting in light of the fact that Larry admits to helping illegal immigrants enter the country.

Larry Sinclair comes clean about his crimial record. Read about it in the latest update.


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